Check List

Munden’s Moving Check List

  • Confirm date with Munden’s Moving for packing and loading
  • Determine what items are to be discarded and hold a garage sale or drive away
  • If you are doing your own packing, arrange to purchase cartons from Munden’s Moving
  • Advise post office of new address and effective date

Send change of address to

  • Insurance company
  • Bank and credit card companies
  • Book and record clubs
  • Vehicle registration and Driver’s license
  • Newspapers
  • clubs
  • Obtain school, medical and dental records
  • Obtain veterinarian records for pets

Arrange to have utilities disconnected

  • Telephone
  • Hydro
  • Gas or Oil
  • Cable
  • Internet

Arrange to have utilities connected at destination

  • Telephone
  • Hydro
  • Gas or Oil
  • Cable
  • Internet

Other Things to Remember

  • Electrical appliances – arrange for disconnection or servicing
  • Defrost refrigerator and freezer
  • Give away frozen foods
  • Discard flammables, including aerosols, propane tanks, etc.
  • Drain fuel from lawn mover and other power equipment
  • Collect valuables to be taken on your person (ie. Jewellery, documents, etc.)
  • Make a floor plan of new residence for driver
  • Confirm travel arrangements and reservations
  • Obtain a contact number at destination and give to driver
  • Make arrangements to leave keys with real estate agent or friends
  • Gather together items going with you in your suitcase