Urban Storage

Our Purpose

CrateClub allows customers to live a more organized and clutter-free lifestyle by maximize their home space. CrateClub makes small scale storage a possibility!

CrateClub offers Urban Storage, an evolving new storage concept that charges on a per unit basis. CrateClub customers are charged only for the space they need versus the old school storage method of paying for a fixed space regardless.

CrateClub eliminates the ( SELF ) in storage. We provide pick-up, packing and delivery. Making small scale storing painless and very affordable.

Who can benefit from the CrateClub?

  • Anyone downsizing from home to condo/apartment
  • Students ( Heading home after your semester, we are your cheapest option)
  • Small scale storage seekers ( Holiday decorations, winter-summer closet swap, tires)
  • People with no means of transportation
  • People who want to be clutter free and organized
  • People with limited storage options available in their condo or apartment

Our Service

  • We provide monthly storage through single crates or single items.
  • We provide the crates for free!
  • Free pick up with in HRM
  • We require a 3 month storage commitment


  • Delivery – $15 + $2 per crate
  • Packing (optional) – $5 per crate

Monthly Storage Fees

  • CRATE $5
  • China Box $8
  • Wardrobe $15
  • Seasonal Items:
  • Hockey Bag $15
  • Golf Clubs/ Skies $7
  • Bicycle $15
  • 4 Tires $15

* For pricing on other items not listed please contact our office for details

* Have too many items? We have large storage bins (336 cubic feet) for monthly rental