Choose The Right Mover

The moving industry is full of rogue movers. To insure that you are choosing a quality moving company it is important that the company you choose has certain things in place such as insurance, workers compensation coverage and being a member of the Canadian Association of Movers.

Workers Compensation Clearance Letter: 

This is a letter that confirms a company is in good standing, which means that the company has workers compensation coverage. This coverage means that the company has met all payroll reporting requirements, has paid all premiums to date and has no outstanding balance on account.

It is important for you to look into this coverage because this is proof of WCB coverage. (Workers Compensation Board) With our moving company having this coverage it shows that we are responsible for our employees on your job site. Lacking this coverage or not having it in good standing makes you the customer responsible for the workers and you would be required to pay premiums based on the labour amount of the contract.

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Movers Insurance:

It is important to see that the movers you hire have an active insurance policy. As a company we are required to have at least $250,000 in cargo coverage along with a $1 million in liability insurance. These are minimum requirements requested by the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM). Being a member of CAM is extremely important because it justifies that the company has these minimum insurance policies in place.

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